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    Join hands with Baodi to create success together

    TIANJIN BAODI AGRI & TECH (GROUP) CO., LTD. is leading agricultural industrialization enterprises, but also an innovative high-tech enterprise. Through more than ten years of development, it has become a large scale enterprise involved in feed, livestock breeding, pig slaughtering, low-temperature meat products, biological products, poultry processing, logistic of agricultural and sideline products, tourism, real estate, finance and other industries. Now, there are more than 46 wholly-owned or holding companies, and more than 5,000 employees.

    Baodi will provide you with high-quality products and services and sincerely welcome your cooperation.

    Business Consultation

    Original Breeders & Binary Pig Breeders Franchise & Wholesale , Breeding Techniques Consultation

    Tel :(8622)82669863

    Fax : (8622)29228832

    E-mail : baodiswine@163.com

    Fresh Meat Wholesale

    Tel : 022-82669806

    Frozen Meat Wholesale & Franchise

    Tel : 022-82669806

    Fresh Meat Franchise

    Tel : 022-82669806

    Prepared Food Wholesale & Franchise

    Tel : 022-82669806

    Low-temperature Cooked Food Wholesale & Franchise

    Tel : 022-82669806

    Poultry products Wholesale & Franchise

    Tel : 022-82669806

    Animal Protein Products Wholesale & Franchise

    Tel : 022-82669806

    Biochemical Products Consultation

    Tel : (0712)5868996